Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Session 1

Merc Town is a busy place with a lot happening. There is plenty of work to be had for those who have the skill, or at least the will, to get it done. We all started out alone, plastering the city looking for work. It didn't take long for Branighan, leader of BASTRD, to get in touch with all of us with a job offer.


Welcome to the RIFTS Game blog! Here we will chronicle the adventures and antics of our mercenary group from RIFTS Earth.

Branighan (NPC) - Unknown - Leader of BASTRD
Daichi Kumagai (Andrew) - Psi Tech - Psionic Master of Machines
Morgana (Melissa) - Shifter - Summoner and Magic User
Snakeyes (Connor) - Headhunter - Cybernetic Techno Warrior
Mathew Davis (Michael) - Headhunter - Techno Warrior
Mandorallen (Aaron) - Cyberknight - Psionic Paladin
Saskia (April) - Crazy - M.O.M. Enhanced Super Human
Gavin Po (Dave) - Psi Slinger - Psionic Gun Fighter