Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Welcome to the RIFTS Game blog! Here we will chronicle the adventures and antics of our mercenary group from RIFTS Earth.

Branighan (NPC) - Unknown - Leader of BASTRD
Daichi Kumagai (Andrew) - Psi Tech - Psionic Master of Machines
Morgana (Melissa) - Shifter - Summoner and Magic User
Snakeyes (Connor) - Headhunter - Cybernetic Techno Warrior
Mathew Davis (Michael) - Headhunter - Techno Warrior
Mandorallen (Aaron) - Cyberknight - Psionic Paladin
Saskia (April) - Crazy - M.O.M. Enhanced Super Human
Gavin Po (Dave) - Psi Slinger - Psionic Gun Fighter